Competency & Performance Management Specialist

Job Posting Date: 7 Sep 2023

Work Location: Doha, QA

Company: QatarEnergy LNG

Job Purpose

  • Provide specialist services in matters relating to technical and behavioural competence framework development, performance management across Qatargas and maintenance of talent management system.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s) - I

  • The operating environment has a wide and diverse nature of work which requires applying knowledge of best practices related to Competence Development (Technical and Behavioural), Performance Management and the execution of Talent Management initiatives in complex organisational structures.

  • Has a degree of freedom in the execution of his function, with events and activities driving performance.

Key Job Accountabilities - I

  • Provide the required support to the business to implement the company performance management cycle according to the ‘Employee Performance Management System’ procedure and provide them with the proper KPI related data progress to date to ensure Corporate KPIs and targets are achieved.

  • Coordinate and update the technical competence development process to ensure all individual positions in the Company have current and relevant profiles with Competence Level Required, (CLRs).

  • Implement the competence framework with the involvement of the line by providing advice and recommendations to periodically review and/or update the Framework. 

  • Provide support to line supervisors in setting up the Technical Competence (CLR) and the assessment of Competence Level Demonstrated (CLD) and how to address identified competence gaps of employees to maintain alignment of employees’ technical competences with job requirements.

  • Coordinate the periodic review, verification, and realignment of CLRs for behavioural and technical competences and take corrective measures, where applicable, to continuously keep pace with best practices in relevant areas.

Key Job Accountabilities - II

  • Provide hands-on tutorial sessions to employees on the functionality and utilisation of the Company’s online (PM) and the Professional Development Plan (PDP) tools to ensure their efficiency and resolves any related issues.

  • Facilitate the investigation of employees’ appeals regarding their performance ratings and prepare the appeal cases for managerial and panel review.

  • Assist line departments in the completion of the ‘Performance Improvement Plans’ for employees whose current performance rating has been unsatisfactory and ensure adherence or compliance is in accordance with the EPMS procedure.

  • Implements and maintain talent management modules activities designed to establish job profile builder and all other related tasks.

  • Support the update of the relevant policies and procedures in the Competence Development and Performance Management Division to ensure they are current and valid.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration or Engineering.

Knowledge and/or Experience - I

  • 8 years’ experience in either competence development, performance management or talent management.