National Development Specialist

Job Posting Date: 8 Jun 2024

Work Location: Doha, QA

Company: QatarEnergy LNG

Job Purpose

  • Provide specialized career development guidance to Nationals under the National Graduate Development Program (NGDP) and Non-Technical Trainee Program (NTTP) to support the development and appointment of qualified Qatari Nationals.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s) - I

  • The state of Qatar's mandated targets is to Qatarize 60% of roles by 2030.

  • National Graduates are considered unique type of employees as they are occupying temporary positions and are assigned with Individual Development Plans (IDPs). National Graduates move into permanent positions once they successfully complete the IDP program.

  • There is a challenge in attracting National Graduates into the organisation as the competition in the local market is extremely high and attracting and retaining National Graduates for positions assigned at locations outside Doha head office.

Key Job Accountabilities - I

  • Initiate and conduct individualized face to face counselling guidance sessions with Qatari Nationals and their coaches to resolve issues or concerns that would hinder the progress and development of the National.

  • Ensure that the implementation of development programs is in compliance with the respective policy and procedure.

  • Review the development programs policy and procedures for further enhancements.

  • Examine and review the quality of Nationals development progress and recommend further development opportunities.

  • Develop summarized counselling reports for the line regarding any concerns or issues raised when necessary.

Key Job Accountabilities - II

  • Analyse and evaluate information regarding issues related to progress or delays of National graduate development and provide required actions in supporting the Annual Qatarization meetings.

  • Direct, advise and recommend best practices to initiate and develop improvements to policies and procedures regarding the development of National Graduates and NTTP trainees.

  • Support the planning, designing and implementation of engagement events for National Graduates such as CEO and Qatarization Forum. Prepare the Qatarization and CEO forum agenda and activities.

  • Advise on conducting the annual SWOT Analysis regarding processes and new initiatives and programs related to the development of Nationals.

  • Collect and prepare the Qatarization report and award information and data.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or Education.

Knowledge and/or Experience - I

  • 8 years of varied Career Development experiences with coaching and counselling certification, within the Oil & Gas or Petrochemical industry.

  • Experience in the development of National employees within Middle Eastern countries.