Training Coordinator

Job Posting Date: 8 Sep 2023

Work Location: Doha, QA

Company: QatarEnergy LNG

Job Purpose

  • Coordinate, develop, implement and maintain a Training system designed to develop employees to function in their role and act in alignment with the required behavioural skills need for that role.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

  • Policies and procedures are well established, clearly defined and constantly reviewed to ensure latest technologies and improvements are adopted.

  • Short deadlines and under time pressure to meet deliverables for difficult customers and stakeholders.

  • Operates within a well-structured environment with a clear reporting framework, which continues to develop in line with business requirements.

Key Job Accountabilities - I

  • Provide the required support with the formulation of the  Behavioural Training Plan (for  all groups) resulting from talent pool and succession planning review  and behavioural competency gap analysis, demand plan, business needs and advise on course applicability for behavioural skills courses held outside and inside Qatar.

  • Develop presentations and reports relating to the company’s training data for all groups, including interpretation of data and assessments and utilization of a variety of resources where requested for senior management.

  • Maintain an ongoing awareness of current and future trends of  behavioural skills development to ensure best practices are considered in response to changing business needs and priorities.

  • Develop and coordinate with Supply department external vendors’ Contract Work Orders (CWO) to ensure that established Qatargas policies and procedures on procurement are strictly adhered to and train and monitor staff in L&D to use and implement CWO’s 

  • Develop the Annual Training Catalogue and upload it to Qatargas systems, monitoring the training registration, updating training Catalogue, etc.  Coordinate and prepare the Annual Training Catalogue in coordination with the T&E Team members. Support the delivery of training process / cycle including and not limited to booking of venues, attendance of learners, and provision of other logistical support. Maintain the Training Centre and E-learning Centre booking and provide the required support for all logistics about Training venues.

Key Job Accountabilities - II

  • Assist employees / departments with training and development planning and monitoring development plans via the system to ensure behavioural skills gap closure.

  • Support the development of behavioural skills training materials to ensure the objectives for each program are accomplished, facilitate and support behavioural training and / or teambuilding activities to Qatargas employees, coordinate the required Behavioural skills training in line with agreed training contract, agreed timelines, budget limitations, and other specifications and logistic, established priorities, timelines, funding limitations, and other specifications. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the behavioural training and provide the required advice to enhance the program.

  • Prepares the budget estimates for non-technical training courses and the operation of the Training Centre and monitor training costs to maintain cost effectiveness of external & core and job generic skills in-house trainings. Assist in the preparation of the Training & education accrual and variance analysis and any items related to invoices payment in coordination with T&E members. 

  • Monitors the performance of Training SAP, workflow, and systems and reporting framework for data integrity and quality assurance. Coordinates with IT for troubleshooting and systems capability enhancement.

  • Handle all required tasks related to behavioural training / activities including  training contracts, materials, management processes, accruals,  variance analysis, CWO, Purchase Orders, etc.


  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Human Resources Management or equivalent.

Knowledge and/or Experience

  • 5 years’ experience in the field of human resources including 2 years' spent in a learning and development environment.