Systems and Governance Coordinator

Job Posting Date: 9 Jul 2024

Work Location: Ras Laffan, QA

Company: QatarEnergy LNG

Job Purpose

  • Maintain, coordinate and control the engineering systems for QG operated facilities and support engineering governance of the different facilities to ensure that the overall integrity of the facilities are maintained.

Job Context & Major Challenge(s)

  • Conduct administration, coordination and maintenance of multiple engineering systems such as Management of Change (MOC),  Tag Management System (TMS), Engineering Deviation Request (EDR) and Tag Management System (TMS) to ensure that the overall integrity of the QG facilities is maintained.

  • Managing of the company standards and specifications and coordinate the specifications update/revision with respective SME and communicate the updated specifications to the relevant disciplines, Stakeholders.

  • Manage the FDE department policies & procedures, audits and risk register for the division.

Key Job Accountabilities - I

  • Conduct administration, coordination and maintenance of all Engineering systems (MOC, TMS, EDR etc) for the QG operated facilities and support governance of the different activities in Facilities and Disciplines Engineering Department.

  • Coordinate with all the stakeholders of engineering Management of Change (MOC) tasks ensuring compliance to the Company policies and procedures.  Coordinate system management, maintenance and administration to ensure continuous application of engineering MOC system as an effective tool to support the Engineering change management process across the Company.

  • Maintain and conduct administration the Tag Management system (TMS) to ensure continuous application of TMS system as an effective tool to support the tag numbering and management across the company.  Develop and maintain the equipment numbering procedure for QG facilities. 

  • Coordinate with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for specification development and improvement based on updated industry standards, ExxonMobil GPs, Shell standards, failure analysis recommendations, applicable regulatory requirements and lessons learned from similar industries.

  • Maintain  and support administration of the electronic Engineering Deviation Request system to handle all engineering deviations in QG operated facilities.

Key Job Accountabilities - II

  • Coordinate Plant Change Committee (PCC) meetings for review/approval of change request for initiation and plan projects and make investment decisions (PPMID), preparation of agenda, distribution of meeting outcome and completion of workflow tasks in MOC system.

  • Update the engineering systems reporting Database, enhance the reporting functionality, issue periodic KPI report to all the stakeholders. Conduct administration and coordination of the Technical Authority framework for the QG operated facilities.

  • Coordinate with F&DE division managers for the update of the F&DE department risk register and audit items management.  Review the policy and procedures relevant to F&DE department and agree on the assigned criticality.

  • Coordinate the Business continuity plan (BCP) and IT Demand Plan for the Facilities and Discipline engineering department.

  • Develop Engineering systems training requirements for company personnel to ensure the process is understood and adhered to by all stakeholders. Provide training to managers and supervisors; develop training plans for all users according to their role requirement while using Engineering systems.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Information Systems, or Information Sciences.

Knowledge and/or Experience

  • 4 years' experience in engineering, operations, or maintenance in the oil and gas industry.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the engineering change management process, specifications & standards, procedures and technical document management.